Wellness Programme




Ohlthaver & List Group Wellness Program


“Enhancing life. We bring life and wellbeing to people everywhere.”

The O&L Group Wellness Program is committed to the overall wellbeing of all Ohlthaver & List employees and our mission is to enhance and sustain employee wellbeing.
The Department is manned by well trained staff who are dedicated to adding value to the employees and the organization. We are dedicated to providing employees with reliable and professional counselling service in order to promote physical, emotional and social well-being.
The program is a resource to managers and supervisors who often notice a troubled employee first.


The O&L Group Wellness Program Core Functions:


Preventative Services

   Provision of programs to mitigate organization risks associated with employee behavior.  Includes:

   Health Education and Awareness

   Wellness Campaigns

   Provision of IEC materials

   Life Skills Programs

   Celebration of national and international Health and Wellness Days


Case Management

   Provision of counselling services to all employees.

   Provision of assessments, short-term interventions, monitoring, follow-ups and referrals.

   Provision of aftercare and reintegration services for Employee Wellness Program Clients.

   Provision of crisis intervention and trauma-defusing services for employees and BU/OpCo in extreme situations.

Wellness Training

• Provision of training for managers/supervisors/employees including:
• Employee Wellness Skills Training,
• Absenteeism Management Training
• Team Relation Issues


Organizational Consultation

• Regular consultations between Employee Wellness Program and OpCo's to determine needs and recommend and implement intervention strategies.
• Assist managers/supervisors in addressing organizational issues stemming from Employee Wellness Issues.


& Evaluation

   Regular, company specific reports to monitor service delivery, progress and effectiveness of program as well as to identify the need for program modification.


Stakeholder Engagement

   Actively engage all relevant stakeholders to gain additional knowledge and share lessons learned:

   Ministries e.g. Ministry of Health and Social Services

   NGOs e.g. Healthworks, LifeLine ChildLine

   Cancer Association of Namibia

   Other Companies Wellness Programs

   We always strive to be line with Government Guidelines


Wellness Initiatives undertaken by the Department include:

• HIV Management Program
• Absenteeism Management Program
• Regular Wellness Site Visits
• Wellness Education and Awareness sessions at Operating Companies
• Wellness Screenings
• Voluntary Counselling and Testing
• Prostate Cancer Screenings
• Celebration of National & International Health and Wellness Days
• Wellness Care and Support

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