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Namibia Dairies - Profile

Namibia Dairies (Pty) Ltd was established in 1997 following the merger between Rietfontein Dairies and Bonmilk. The Company has since grown into a leading force in the Namibian dairy industry and employs over 700 people at its main production plant in Windhoek, the !Aimab Superfarm in Mariental and various depot locations across Namibia.

Namibia Dairies is the major supplier of fresh and long-life milk, value-added dairy products and other beverages in Namibia and operates depots in Windhoek, Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo and Oshakati. The company is known for its product innovation and value-adding production processes.

Since July 2009 Namibia Dairies operates one of the most modern dairy farms in the world, which is located in Mariental in the South of Namibia.  The !Aimab Superfarm currently houses approximately 1,500 cows in milk, to be increased to 2,000 cows over the next five to six years. !Aimab was built and equipped with tested, state-of-the-art technology from New Zealand, Israel and the United States. The total mixed ration and deep-litter system is based on the controlled feeding of cows in large barns, providing Namibia Dairies with a semi-intensive milk production process.

With its own fodder production, dairy farms and strategic milk-producing partners, Namibia Dairies forms an integrated network of milk supply, processing, value- adding production and the largest national cold-chain distribution network in Namibia. 

The company ensures consistent quality for its product range by using only hormone-free milk sourced from approved Namibian milk producers and by enforcing stringent control measures. Namibia Dairies is ISO 9001:2008 certified, emphasizing our compliance with internationally recognized quality management systems.

Our wide range of products - tailor-made to meet the needs of our consumers - include long-life, dairy based products, soft cheeses, yoghurts, fermented traditional dairy products, fruit juices, dairy mixes and carbonated and still mineral water. The company’s leading brands include Rietfontein TM, Sunsation TM, Aqua Splash TM and Juicy Fruit TM, and Nammilk TM, the biggest dairy brand in the country.

Namibia Dairies is committed to the successful development of the dairy industry in Namibia and across our region. We seek to create wellness and a sustained quality of life for our customers, consumers, employees and their communities.

Namibia Dairies - Products

  • Nammilk Farm Fresh - Fresh and UHT Milk Our milk is 100% fresh, natural and produced in Namibia. Packed with 9 essential vitamins and minerals - most importantly calcium – which help maintain healthy bones and teeth and overall health. Fresh full-cream milk is available in 500ml, 1litre cartons and 2 litre jugs. Fresh low fat is available in 1litre cartons and 2litre jugs. Long Life UHT milk is available in full-cream and low fat 1litre cartons.

Cultured Products:
  • Nammilk Oshikandela - A creamy low fat cultured drinking yoghurt that can be used as a meal replacement or on its own. It is available in 125ml sachets, 250ml easy-drink cup, 500ml and 1litre cartons and offered in plain and sweet variants as well as 5 flavours: Strawberry, Banana, Guava, Pineapple and Mango.
  • Nammilk Omaere - A full-cream thick milk known for its high nutritional value. It is a brilliant source of nutrients for the entire family and a healthy choice to use as a mix for breakfast, cereal and pap. Available in 500g and 1kg carton as well as 2litre bottle jug and offered in Sweet and Plain variants.
  • Nammilk Oshitaka - High in vital nutrients, Oshitaka is a cultured energy food drink. The key ingredients are low fat drinking yoghurt and maize meal, making it a wholesome, affordable meal in a box, suitable for the entire family. Available in 500g and 1kg cartons. It is offered as a plain variant and in the following 3 flavours: Banana, Guava and Strawberry.
  • Nammilk Farm Fresh Buttermilk - available in 500ml cartons.
  • Nammilk Farm Fresh Smooth Plain Cottage Cheese - available in a 250g pedestal cups and 5kg buckets.
  • Nammilk Farm Fresh Sour Cream - available in 250ml tubs and 5kg bucket.
  • Nammilk Farm Fresh - Fresh Cream - available in 250ml, 500ml and 1l bottle.


  • Nammilk Everyday Fat Free Yoghurts - A fat free yoghurt for the health conscious. Available in175g and 500g cups in 3 guilt-free choices: Strawberry, Banana, and Fruit Salad pack sizes.
  • Nammilk Everyday Low Fat Yoghurts - A healthy low fat yoghurt snack, rich in calcium which can assist in the growth of healthy bones and teeth. Available in multipacks (6 x 100g) as well as 175g 500g, 1kg cup and 5kg bucket as a plain variant and in 4 flavours: Tropical, Fruit Salad, Strawberry, Guava and Vanilla.
  • Nammilk Everyday Sugar Free/Fat Free Yoghurts - A tasty yoghurt for the health conscious and a snack suitable for diabetics. Available in 500g cups in a plain variant as well as 3 flavours: Strawberry, Bulgarian and Fruit Salad.
  • Nammilk Devine Double Cream Dessert Yoghurts - A deliciously creamy and smooth yoghurt to take the edge off any day. Available in Greek Style plain variant, 1kg tubs.
  • Nammilk Devine Full Cream Yoghurts - Pure full cream indulgence available 1kg tubs in the following flavours: Hazelnut Bliss, Strawberry, Black Forest and Peach Delight.
  • Nammilk MyMoo LF Smooth Yoghurts - A healthy yoghurt snack, rich in calcium, which can assist in the growth of healthy bones and teeth. Playful variant combos of Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Peach, Custard and Cola. Available in multipacks (6 x 100g).
  • Drinki - A healthy low fat drinking yoghurt suitable for the entire family. Available in an innovative 250ml drinking cup in the following flavours: Strawberry, Pineapple, Guava and Banana.


Dairy Mix:
Sunsation - A revitalizing and nourishing fruit juice & dairy (real milk) combination. It has the
characteristics of a fruit juice, but without the acidity – real milk added. Available in 500ml, 1liter, and 2litre pack sizes in three flavours: Guava, Orange and Coco-Pine.

  • Juicy Fruit (Nectar) - Revitalizing fruit juice enriched with vitamin C. Available in 500ml, 1liter, and 2litre pack sizes in three flavours: Guava, Orange and Mango.
  • Rietfontein Juice (Nectar) - Revitalizing fruit juice enriched with vitamin C. Available in different 500ml, 1litre, and 2litre pack sizes to meet both individual, on-the-go and family needs. Available flavours: Apricot, Guava, Orange, Mango.
Aqua Splash - Refreshing natural mineral water available in still, sparkling plain and sparkling flavoured: Strawberry, Peach-Pear, Lemon-Lime, Marula, Honey Melon, Wild berry. Available in 500ml, 1litre and 5litre pack sizes.
Retail Rolls:
Available in 100g, 350g and 600g in 15 variants such as Jagdwurst, Fleischwurst, French Polony.

Vacuum Packs:
Available in 60g, 100g, 150g,200g and 250g in 14 variants such as Sandwich Ham, Back Bacon. 

Bulk lines:
Available per kg in 23 variants such as Landjäger, Russians, Salami, Dauerwurst Smokies. 

Rietfontein Butter:
Also known as Clarified butter or Ghee, Omagadhi is ideal for cooking, baking and frying.
Available in 1kg.


Namibia Dairies (PTY) Ltd
15 Gold Street

Postal Address:
Private Bag 11321

Tel: +264 61 299 4700
Fax: +264 61 299 4701