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Published: 26 June 2017

Pick n Pay (PnP) gives away seven bakkies through Win A Ride Campaign

Pick n Pay (PnP) gives away seven bakkies through Win A Ride Campaign On the 29th of May 2017 Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - launched the blasting ‘Win A Ride’ promotional campaign, which will see seven lucky customers walk away with a Nissan NP200 Bakkie filled with PnP groceries.

According to PnP Marketing Manager, Victoria Moller, the Win A Ride campaign which runs across all 22 stores countrywide forms part of PnP’s commitment to create exciting and memorable experiences for its customers. Moller: “PnP is committed to delivering value for money, and making the shopping experience exciting for our customers, through promotions and campaigns such as that of the Win A Ride campaign. We are appreciative of the support from our valued Namibian consumer who certainly contributes to the success of PnP Namibia. And while we are cognizant of the tough economic challenges currently experienced, and the high cost of living and increasing inflation rates, campaigns such as these are our contribution to uplifting the spirits of our local shoppers.”

Moller went on to say that the retailer’s recently concluded Heroes Campaign and School Art Competition proved to be a tremendous success! “We were delighted to create a platform for school learners to share their talent by expressing themselves through the magic of art - the support and participation was absolutely overwhelming. The Namibian public, and the PnP customer in particular has always shown overwhelming support by not only shopping at PnP, but also participating in PnP campaigns designed to provide them with a pleasant and exciting shopping experience. We will continue to create memorable experiences for our consumer going forward. In living the O&L Group purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’, we are committed to uplift the lives of the communities in which we operate, by creating amazing experiences such as these”, Moller said.

To enter the competition, customers should spend N$200 or more at any PnP store, then SMS your name and till slip number to 76000. For more information on the campaign, visit the Facebook page Pick n Pay Namibia. Competition is open till 17 July 2017.
Published: 15 June 2017

Namibia Dairies opens Katima depot

Namibia Dairies opens Katima depot Residents of Katima Mulilo will now be exposed to a larger product portfolio of Namibia Dairies (ND) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - that recently opened its 5th depot, in this town.

According to the Head: Marketing at Namibia Dairies, Leonie Prinsloo, the main objective of the depot at Katima Mulilo is to have the ND portfolio available to all Namibians in all areas of the country. Prinsloo: “This depot will also provide a call and collect service to the Katima customer base to ensure stock availability; promote cross border trade and expand ND business, as well as utilize synergies with our sister company Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) at the Katima facility.”

Namibia Dairies has depots in Windhoek, Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo, Oshakati and now in Katima. It also has agents in Rundu and Katima Mulilo, as well as Factory Shops in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Ondangwa. The Katima depot employs 11 permanent staff.

O&L Group Manager: Corporate Communications, Roux-che Locke emphasized the Group’s commitment to making all its proudly Namibian products and services available to each and every Namibian. Locke: “Through O&L’s support of government’s growth-at-home agenda, we are committed to promoting and creating awareness on locally produced products and services. O&L is a proudly Namibian company striving to provide the local market with proudly Namibian products and services at all times.”

The Katima depot is situated on the B1 Road.
Download PDF Document: Namibia Dairies opens Katima depot
Published: 15 June 2017

Kraatz Learn-to-weld program going strong

Kraatz Learn-to-weld program going strong

Eight (8) more students just stepped on board the ‘Learn to weld’ program offered by Kraatz – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - which has already seen at least 14 Namibians certified on successful completion since the inception of the program two years ago.

In partnership with Young Africa Trust, the 20-week program which falls under Kraatz’ Welding School includes basic training in welding (theory and practical), as well as basic life skills inclusive of effective communication skills, decision-making and leadership competencies. The program also aims to develop the participants’ entrepreneurial skills.

Kraatz Human Capital Manager, Roberto January: “Vocational training plays a significant role in the future of our country’s economy, and for the future of companies such as Kraatz. We identified the need for vocational skills in the country, which led to the purchase of a welding simulator two years ago, as one of the first steps towards giving back to the community and contributing towards the O&L Group purpose of ‘Creating a Future, Enhancing Life’. The welding school is our initiative and commitment to giving back to the community - teaching young Namibians skills that can enable them to grow professionally and in business.”

January adds that Young Africa Trust is an organization that provides life skills to young people, and that Kraatz partnered with this organization to add value to the ‘Learn to weld’ program by teaching the students how to infuse the skills they have acquired into their own circumstances and everyday life, and make a success thereof.

O&L Group Director: Human Capital, Berthold Mukuahima: “Skills development is a critical pillar in government’s Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), and indeed can contribute significantly to curbing the high unemployment rate, and reduction of poverty levels. Kraatz’ Welding School for which selected students participate at no cost, is but one of O&L’s contributions to assist government in the poverty eradication dream.”

Basic requirements to the Kraatz Welding School include a Grade 12 certificate with good results in Mathematics and Physical Science. Hopefuls must be between the ages of 19 and 25 years old. More information on the Kraatz Welding School can be obtained from the Kraatz Human Capital Department.

Published: 12 June 2017

Pick n Pay Heroes generates massive excitement

Pick n Pay Heroes generates massive excitement

The recent Heroes Campaign by Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – that took the country by storm, attracted more than 320,000 entries countrywide. The Etosha Secondary School in Tsumeb walked away with N$10,000 as the winning school, while the grand prize winner, Selma Ndinelao from Oshakati walked away with N$50,000.

According to PnP Namibia Marketing Manager, Victoria Moller, the campaign which ran from the 23rd of March to the 7th of May has been a great success, and exceeded all expectations. Moller: “This has been the best performing campaign we have ever run with the highest public participation we have seen. We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every PnP customer for their continued support and assure you that we will continue to bring you more such exciting competitions and promotions.”

For the N$50,000 prize, customers had to SMS a unique scratch card number to 76000 from which the winner was selected via a draw that was audited by Deloitte.

Another leg of the Pick n Pay Heroes competition was the School Art Competition. Over 30 schools participated in the School Art Competition. PnP Namibia Brand Manager, Dandago Uiras: “We received school entries from both primary and secondary schools from all the regions of the country. All grades had the privilege to participate. We had two judges from the local Art fraternity: the Chairman of the National Arts Council of Namibia, Patrick Sam and Visual Artist, Jamie-lee Diergaardt who judged all the entries, in collaboration with our Marketing Manager, Victoria Moller. The winning school’s art piece was made by Etuna Amwaalwa – a 15 year old, Grade 9 learner at the school.”

Participants had to create an art piece, be it a painting, drawing, sculpture or any decorative art piece, which represents their hero or what they perceive as a hero. Uiras: “It was absolute fun and exciting to receive all the entries. The effort put into the art pieces by the participants was really inspiring and evident that there are many creative and innovative minds in our schools who will one day form part of our country’s leadership and make a meaningful contribution to Namibia. We are also proud to have been an inspiration through the Heroes Arts Competition to our young artists. The Heroes Campaign is but one of our ways of giving back to our customers, because at PnP we are passionate about uplifting the lives of the communities in which we operate.”

Both judges, Sam and Diergaardt expressed delight at the effort put in by the participants. Sam: “I was blown by the artistry shown by these young learners. I am truly impressed at the talent these learners have showcased. We clearly need more platforms like these for our young talented Namibians to explore their abilities. Diergaardt concurs with Sam in that PnP has set an example in the platforms needed to give young Namibians opportunities to showcase their talents, especially in Art. Diergaardt: “I enjoyed every moment in the judging session. I could not get enough of the talent and abilities showcased. I am impressed.”

The O&L Group Coordinator: Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Venessa Mwiya says uplifting the communities in which it operates, and creating amazing experiences for its customers has always been part of the PnP journey. Mwiya: “Competitions like these are part of PnP’s efforts in giving back to the communities and its customers. Apart from the projects in which PnP is involved in the communities in which it operates across the country, competitions like these create a different level of excitement, and contributes immensely to PnP’s commitment to making shopping exciting for Namibians, and its customers in particular.”

Published: 06 June 2017

O&L celebrates the environment

Gloudi Celebrated globally on the 05th of June, World Environment Day is, according to the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group Environmental Manager, Gloudi de Beer a commemoration appreciated and embraced by the O&L Group as entrenched in the Group’s value of ‘Naturally today, for tomorrow’.

An internal Arts & Crafts competition launched on 5 June is one of the initiatives by the O&L Group to inspire and encourage employees to appreciate and take care of the environment. De Beer: “Through this Arts & Crafts competition O&L employees have the platform and opportunity to express what nature means to them. Ultimately we aim to strengthen everyone’s appreciation of our natural resources and the environment at large, which will in turn promote better protection. Employees will have two weeks to create a unique art work which shows how they connect with nature. They can submit either written, painted, drawn or sculpted works within their operating companies, with the best of these then being chosen as the overall winners. The top 10 entries will be given the opportunity to visit the B2Gold Environmental Education Centre, where they will learn more about the beauty and uniqueness of Namibia’s natural environment. An appreciation for Namibia’s natural environment needs to be fostered in order to ensure that people have a better understanding of why we need to protect the environment around us.”

Another interesting part of the program set out for O&L employees in appreciating the environment is the ‘snake safety’ awareness sessions which will be held during the month of June. De Beer: “These sessions will basically involve expert tips & guidance on how to safely handle snake encounters. The sessions will be presented by the Snake Conservation Association of Namibia.”

O&L Group Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme expressed appreciation at the Group’s commitment to preserve Namibia’s environment. Thieme: “O&L and its operating companies strives to continuously make a meaningful contribution towards sustaining our environment. We have to think not only of ourselves, but also of future generations. I am excited at the program in place for our employees this month, through which the importance of appreciating and protecting our environment will be emphasized and manifested, and will hopefully make a difference in the way we treat it. It is the collective responsibility of each and every global citizen to protect the environment – after all, we all share Mother Earth.” 
Download PDF Document: O&L celebrates the environment
Published: 06 June 2017

RNF annual general meeting celebrates success

rnf activations “2016 has been an exceptionally busy and fruitful year for the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF)”, says coordinator Anita Witt. One of the RNF’s most celebrated results is the increase in membership, as emphasized by Witt at the 2016 overview recently. Witt: “It is satisfying to see the continued growth in membership – which results in more networking opportunities, and contributes immensely to a greater platform for the RNF to function effectively in its purpose.”


RNF membership increased from ten (10) full members and two (2) associate members in 2014 to eighteen (18) full members and nine (9) associate members in 2016. The latest count which includes additions for 2017 so far, adds up to eighteen (18) full members and eleven (11) associate members. Witt emphasized that the inclusion of the micro category, as well as now offering individual membership, has enabled especially the smaller entrepreneur the opportunity to join the RNF.


According to chairperson of the RNF, Gloudi de Beer, one of the most important projects with which the RNF is currently involved in, is being driven by the dedicated Beverage Container Working Group. De Beer: “This group has representatives from various organizations involved with the manufacturing and use of beverage containers and our main focus is to identify alternatives to the proposed levy on various beverage containers, without losing sight of the need to reduce environmental litter. Taking into consideration the current economic environment, consumers and businesses will not be able to stomach additional costs and the introduction of a container levy in line with the proposed figures will cripple the Namibian manufacturing industry due to the fact that people would not be able to afford locally produced products anymore. The Working Group has recently employed IJG to conduct a feasibility and opportunity study with regards to the possible self-regulation of the industry, with the funds raised by self-imposed taxes being utilized to enhance waste management throughout Namibia.”


The RNF further celebrates significant increase in participants to the annual Schools Recycling Competition, with a current total of at least fifty (50) schools. Witt: “The interest of schools to participate and of course the performance of the participating schools has been overwhelming and very inspiring. The Schools Recycling Competition has grown to become one of the most encouraging tools for recycling in the country.”


During 2016, the RNF supported eight (8) clean-up operations in the country which include the annual Fish River Canyon; the annual Ondangwa; Ohangwena; Oshikukuandi; Hospitality Association of Namibia; Coastal and 2 x Henties Bay cleanup campaigns. De Beer: “Involvement in the cleanups ensure that we can educate and motivate the separation of the waste collected to source the recyclables. To supplement this initiative, we are now in the process of drafting a Clean Up Methodology Booklet, which will assist organizers to plan and host successful, sustainable clean ups. This is of value as there is currently no waste management act in place in Namibia, and many of the smaller town councils face a huge challenge in getting rid of the waste (dump sites not being fenced in, etc.) and no transport/storage in place for recyclables.”


Another highlight for the RNF in 2016 was the introduction of Windhoek Recycle Day launched in October last year. Witt: “Our first Windhoek Recycle Day gave the opportunity to Windhoek residents to dispose of all types of recyclables at one spot, ranging from the usual plastic, glass, cans and paper to e–waste, as well as facilitating (courtesy of City of Windhoek) the safe disposal of household batteries and fluorescent bulbs. More such events are planned for the coming year as it is a good opportunity to create awareness for the 3R’s and affording the opportunity to dispose of hazardous items (such as batteries and light bulbs) in a safe manner.”


The RNF, in conjunction with the City of Windhoek and the Rent-a-Win online competition line, hosted an awareness campaign, where residents were invited to share their water savings hints and tips. The first prize was won by Gys Burger (Pick n Pay vouchers to the value of N$1000) with the youngster Karin Loftie-Eaton in second place (N$500 cash). This competition created considerable interest to highlight the importance of REDUCING water consumption.


The Bag to Nature campaign, initiated at the end of 2015, to encourage shoppers to opt for a reusable shopping bag, showed pleasing results during the period under review. With N$1 of each bag sold being donated to the RNF, it is pleased with the result of more than 35,000 bags sold countrywide during 2016 – an income which assists in making the RNF sustainable. The agreement between Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia and the RNF will continue on the same basis for 2017.
Witt furthermore stressed that with the formulation of a marketing sub-committee, it is envisaged that more projects / initiatives can be under taken. This is to include:
  • Another Windhoek Recycle Day (in a central location),
  • Setting up of pop-up shops and similar - such as “recycling collection points” (reward for handing in of recyclables)
  • Joint ventures with organizations, especially environmental ones to initiate sustainable projects (glass crushing in Divundu under discussion currently)
  • Hosting a waste management course (IWMSA) in Namibia – which will be relevant to not only those working in the field, but the general public as well –“Impact of Human Behavior on the Environment”.
  • Bringing accurate information on current “emotive” causes such as the banning of plastic bags and bottles currently in the news.
Witt: “We are also in the process of compiling a Green Directory for Namibia, which will enable residents to find the closest recycler or service provider in their region. This should be ready and on our website by mid-2017.”

Exciting developments are in the pipeline for the remainder of 2017, which will include the launching of collection points for the safe disposal of household batteries, which will be done in conjunction with RNF Members: Pick n Pay, VARTA Namibia and the City of Windhoek. It is envisaged to expand this to include the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Also, a larger scale Windhoek Recycle Day will form part of the RNF Week, which is scheduled for 18 to 22 September and which promises to include numerous activities highlighting the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.