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Published: 14 March 2018

Windhoek Schlachterei processed meat confirmed free of Listeriosis

Windhoek Schlachterei processed meat confirmed free of Listeriosis Following the recent outbreak of Listeriosis in South Africa, Windhoek Schlachterei – member of Namibia Dairies (a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group) – announced that its machinery and products have undergone a test and is free of the disease.

Head of Windhoek Schlachterei, Eduard Keys: “We herewith confirm that Windhoek Schlachterei products have been cleared of Listeriosis and are safe for human consumption.
This assurance follows an independent investigation commissioned by Windhoek Schlachterei as soon as health authorities reported the apparent link between the Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa and certain processed meat. With our stringent policies, procedures and standards, we were confident all along that our products are safe, however in light of the current health scare we nevertheless commissioned an independent assessment as our valued consumers’ health remains our top priority and they deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our products are safe.”

Keys continued to say that the results received on the 8th of March confirmed that no Listeria monocytogenes could be detected in any products sampled across the Windhoek Schlachterei product range nor in its production facility, and that all Windhoek Schlachterei products are thus safe to consume.

“We hereby wish to reassure our valued customers and consumers of our continued commitment to upholding the highest standards in food safety and product quality,” Keys concluded. 
Published: 12 March 2018

Wernhil Park responds to Hepatitis E outbreak – uplifts hygiene factor at project schools

Wernhil Park responds to hepatitis e outbreak – uplifts hygiene factor at project schools In response to the recent outbreak of Hepatitis E, Wernhil Park Shopping Centre (property managed by Broll Namibia - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group), last week contributed to the upliftment of hygiene care through the donation of bucket tap containers, specifically for hand-washing and water consumption purposes to each class of the Dr. Abraham Iyambo Primary School, and the Monte Christo Primary Project School at the Havana resettlement area in Katutura, Windhoek.

Managing Director of Broll Namibia, Marco Wenk who handed over the donation to the principals of the two schools in accompaniment of the Khomas Director of Education, Arts & Culture, Gerard Vries who received the donation on behalf of government, stressed on the need for corporate Namibia to take government’s hand in contributing to safe and healthy learning environments for Namibian learners. Wenk: “One of the critical pillars on the O&L Group Corporate Social Investment (CSI) agenda is that of education. We are passionate about education and the future of our children, thus we are committed to contribute to positive learning environments for them, especially at these two schools adopted by the O&L Group as beneficiaries of our CSI portfolio.”

Vries emphasized on the passionate and dedicated support by the O&L Group at large, and how this support has contributed significantly to the upliftment and advancement of these project schools. Vries: “Thank you to the O&L Group for the invaluable support you have shown to these two schools over the past years. Your support will go a long a way in both the future of these establishments as well as in the lives of our learners going forward. A special thank you also to Wernhil Park for this very thoughtful donation. This is the type of response we need from the public and corporate for the future of our country. You saw the relevance and need following the outbreak of Hepatitis E and you responded accordingly. Your donation is invaluable and will make a significant difference in the lives of these learners.”

O&L Group CSI Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya: “The O&L Group at large has invested significantly in the two schools over the past few years, which include four mobile classrooms at the Monte Christo Primary Project School that has seen the greater part of learners move from a tent setting to a proper and decent classroom setting. Namibia Dairies annually provide milk to the schools on World Milk Day. And the schools have also received some structural upliftment, and stationary support from Wernhil Park. The O&L Group continues to respond to the on-going arising needs of the two schools.”

Last week’s donation from Wernhil Park include 30 bucket tap containers for Dr. Abraham Iyambo Primary School and 20 for Monte Christo Primary Project School. Each school also received barrels of soap.

Principal of Dr. Abraham Iyambo Primary School, Flora Petrus expressed gratitude to Wernhil Park and the O&L Group at large for the continuous support, while Monte Christo Primary Project School Principal, Elizabeth Murangi emphasized on the significant contribution the O&L Group continues to make in the upliftment of the schools and learners, as well as teachers. Murangi: “You give us hope and you definitely make the future of our children brighter. Thank you!
Published: 09 March 2018

NBL financial results for the six months ended 31 December 2017

NBL financial results for the six months ended 31 December 2017 PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS
• Revenue N$ 1.4 billion, down by 3.0%
• Operating profit N$ 345 million, up by 5.8%
• Profit after tax N$ 240 million, up by 150.2%
• Earnings per share 116.3 cents, up by 150.2%
• Headline earnings per share 123.0 cents, up by 8.5%
• Interim dividend per ordinary share 46 cents, up by 9.5%

Business performance
Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - maintained its strong market position despite a strained local economy, challenges in export markets and declining consumer spend. For the half year ended 31 December 2017, the Namibian, South African and export volumes decreased by 1.8%, 22.9% and 1.8% respectively. This resulted in the overall beer volumes and revenue decreasing by 7.7% and 3.0%. Operating profit was 5.8% higher than the comparative period due to a decrease in operating expenses resulting from improved efficiencies. The NBL Board declared an interim dividend of 46c on 1 March 2018, which represents an increase of 9.5% from the previous period.

NBL Managing Director (MD), Wessie van der Westhuizen: “Our half-year performance demonstrates NBL’s resilience and ability to adapt to changes within our operating environment. It is also the direct result of our employees taking ownership of challenges and creating opportunities to bring our purpose to life. Without this, NBL would have delivered a very different result.”

Despite the decline in beer volumes, NBL still enjoys a majority market share in Namibia. NBL’s own craft brand, Camelthorn, was renovated and relaunched in July 2017 thereby accessing the growing craft beer segment in both South Africa and Namibia. Innovation in this category is specifically aimed at growing the craft beer segment, and responding to consumers’ ever-changing needs.

NBL also launched the Strongbow cider brand in Namibia, thereby entering the cider market and further diversifying its product portfolio.

Successfully collaborated with Heineken Africa in the development, trial and production of Amstel Radler, a new product for the South African Market.

Financial performance
NBL Finance Director, Graeme Mouton: “Despite a challenging trading environment, and an overall decrease in beer volumes of 7.7%, NBL managed to increase its operating margin to 23%. Profit attributable to shareholders of N$240 million was delivered for the six months ended 31 December 2017 – an increase of 150.2% on the prior year. This increase in mainly attributable to exceptional performance of Heineken South Africa for this period.”

Van der Westhuizen concluded: “With the changing operating environment, it is continually becoming important to diversify our business, product and brand portfolio in an effort to remain competitive, while at the same time remaining focused on our core business. Specific focus will be to drive operational efficiencies in order to maintain sustainable growth and retain healthy margins in the local market. NBL will also continue to further explore investment opportunities in promising markets and believes that our investment in South Africa will increase our overall profit derived from that market.“

About Namibia Breweries
Namibia Breweries Limited employs 805 employees. The company is listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX). The Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group is the largest investor in NBL. The company’s brand portfolio includes leading brands such as Windhoek Lager, Windhoek Draught, Windhoek Light, Tafel Lager, Tafel Lite, King Lager, Vigo, Code and Aquasplash, amongst others.
Published: 08 March 2018


NBL PRODUCTS SAFE! Following the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa, various communications have been doing the rounds warning the public against particular brands that have been affected. Various brands have also been implicated by fake news and jokes surrounding this matter. Amongst the brands implicated by these WhatsApps and social media posts are those belonging to Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group.

In response to this, the O&L Group has issued the following statement refuting allegations that NBL brands are implicated in the current listeriosis outbreak.

Patricia Hoeksema, O&L Group Manger: Corporate Relations: “We are aware of the current so-called ‘joke’ doing the rounds whereby it is claimed that NBL and its brands have been affected by the current listeriosis outbreak. This is a malicious rumour, and void of any truth. NBL prides itself in upholding the highest world class quality standards throughout all its production processes. With ISO 9001 (quality management system), HACCP (international food safety management system), and our very own stringent in house policies, procedures and specifications, the public can rest assured that all NBL brands are safe for consumption.”

NBL has over the years won numerous international awards for its high quality beers and is recognized as one of Namibia’s leading manufacturers and exporters having penetrated some of the toughest markets throughout the world.
Download PDF Document: NBL PRODUCTS SAFE!
Published: 07 March 2018

Namibia Plastics officially launches the construction of a N$95 million plastic manufacturing plant

Namibia Plastics officially launches the construction of a N$95 million plastic manufacturing plant Officiated by the Minister of Industrialization, Trade & SME Development, Tjekero Tweya, the 2660 Squares state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Brakwater - expected to be complete before the end of this year - will close the gap of an estimated 50% of plastic currently imported from abroad.

Namibia Plastics co-founder and CEO, Johan Struwig entertained the audience with the history of Namibia Plastics during his address at the official ground-breaking ceremony of the construction of the plant. Struwig: “Initially, I started from a home based office, making use of a spare room, one cell phone, and a laptop. We struggled for a few months with no orders. The average response in approaching potential clients was always ‘let us know when you have Namibian clients on board, then we will buy’. I told them that our suppliers have big customers in South Africa – hoping that this will rescue us and bring in Namibian clientele, but unfortunately it didn’t.”

Struwig went on to sing praises to Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) who was the first Namibian company to give them a break. Struwig: “Based on a promise to manufacture locally when we reach adequate volumes, our first order from NBL, valued at N$77 247.23 finally came through in October 2011. Using NBL as a reference and armed with our new dream, Namibia Plastics continued to grow from strength to strength and today we are proud to have clients like Ohorongo Cement; Bokomo; Namib Poultry Industries; Namib Mills; Namib Foam; Coca-Cola; Etosha Fisheries; Seawork Fish Processors and of course NBL on board this journey that has enabled us to maintain an average growth percentage in excess of 100% over the past six years.” Struwig also acknowledged the fruitful relationship with the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN), as well as with investor, and partner Spitz Capital, which has contributed significantly to the growth of Namibia Plastics.

Tweya in his keynote address stressed partnership between government, communities and civil society; partnership between different branches of government, with the private sector, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations and the international community, as well as partnership between urban and rural societies and, ultimately between all members of the Namibian society as key to the achievement of dynamic, efficient and sustainable development. He also emphasized the current global economic pressure and water sustainability following the severe drought as detrimental effects on the local economy.

Tweya: “While we face all these developmental challenges, it is important to adopt an attitude of determination and mind-set that nothing is impossible to overcome when we stand together as one big nation. We need to adopt a culture of camaraderie that enables levels of affinity and cooperation amongst Public Private Partnerships to take the Namibian House to heights unimaginable. We need to grow to become partners - supportive of each other’s endeavours to grow and develop Namibia, with honesty and integrity. We need to take hands not only during difficult times but more so when celebrating our successes. Allow me therefore to commend Namibia Plastics - under the leadership of Johan Struwig together with his dynamic team - for not only dreaming but ultimately bringing that dream to fruition by being committed to and contributing to the growth and development of the Namibian house. The significant investment of N$ 95 million into this plant that will create an additional 200 direct and indirect job opportunities during and after construction, is testimony of your support and commitment to achieve the ideals and objectives of Vision 2030 and the President’s Harambee Prosperity Plan. I am excited and confident that the development of Namibia Plastics’ factory plant will contribute immensely to the City of Windhoek and the Namibian economy at large.”

Executive Chairman of the O&L Group – the largest private employer in Namibia, and president of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCI), Sven Thieme served as endorser of the ground-breaking ceremony. Thieme: “One would think that it is common sense that we add as much value locally as possible, and realise that an investment at home is an investment in creating jobs locally. We should never limit ourselves to what we have. Surely manufacturing locally and procuring from home supports growth at home. Yet, we still find that some of us are happy to save a dollar by procuring an imported product that may be a little cheaper (whether it is because the country of origin has economies of scale, provides subsidies, or has some competitive advantage – this doesn’t matter.) The bottom line is that we need to understand the multiplier effect of the opportunity cost of not supporting local – on future jobs, on our ability to develop skills, on our ability to become economically independent, on poverty eradication, - and how our children will pay this price. Therefore, I would like to sincerely appeal to the rest of Business Namibia, the Government and the public at large, to support Namibia Plastics and other local companies in their endeavours to build our nation and make a positive impact on the lives of Namibians. Can you imagine if everyone has an understanding that every time I buy a local product, I contribute to the eradication of poverty and address income inequality? Can you imagine the power and pride of holding in your hand a product that states ‘Made in Namibia’?”

Former Member of Parliament, and Chairman of Namibia Plastics, Theo-Ben Gurirab during his welcome address said: “The Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) is based on five pillars. Namibia Plastics directly contributes to two pillars namely effective economic advancement; and social progression. The expected outcomes of supporting these pillars are a reduction of poverty levels; and promoting a spirit of entrepreneurship and enterprise development. The existence of Namibia Plastics and the significant growth into a successful proudly Namibian entity, speaks directly to government’s growth-at-home agenda. Today we also celebrate the support by Namibian companies, not only to Namibia Plastics, but to other local suppliers as well. It is that camaraderie among Namibian entities and Business Namibia at large that will take Namibian businesses, and the local economy to the next level.”

Also at the ground-breaking ceremony, Struwig announced the opening of a staff shareholders trust. Struwig: “The real heroes of Namibia Plastics are our people. Guided by our company values, we recognize that without talented and committed people who own, support and drive the strategy of the company as enshrined in our 5th value, “Value People” - success will not be possible. For this reason, a staff shareholders trust was created, and I am honored to pledge 10% of my shareholding in Namibia Plastics, to the Staff Shareholders Trust. Whether you are working as a packer, cleaner, operator, manager or director at Namibia Plastics, EVERYBODY matters and is included in this journey!” 
Published: 05 March 2018

Pick n Pay Namibia institutes precautionary measures in response to Listeria outbreak in South Africa

P i c k  n  P a y  N a m i b i a  i n s t i t u t e  s p r e c a u t i o n a r y  m e a s u r e s  i n r e p o n s e  t o  L i s t e r i a  o u t b r e a k  i n  S o u t h  A f r i c a Following the confirmation of the source of the listeria outbreak in South Africa, Pick n Pay Namibia - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – this morning issued an urgent instruction to the retailer’s stores countrywide to immediately remove all Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken Limited (RCL) products from its shelves.

The Minister of Health of South Africa announced yesterday afternoon (Sunday, 4 March 2018) that his Department had identified the source of the national listeria outbreak which has affected over 1000 people and has tragically led to a number of fatalities, in South Africa, over the past few months. Processed meat products manufactured at factories operated by Enterprise and RCL have been issued with safety recall notices.

Spokesperson of the O&L Group and Corporate Communications Manager, Roux-che Locke: “The health and safety of our customers is our first priority. We believe that the impact of the recall on the Namibian market is not as severe since Pick n Pay Namibia has a diversity of suppliers, many of whom are local. While we are not aware of any confirmed reports of Listeria in Namibia, we have taken this step as a precautionary measure as our customers’ safety is important to us. Any customer who is concerned that they may have bought any affected meat products linked to the outbreak can return it to any of our stores for a full refund.”
Published: 05 March 2018

NBL contributes to Independence Celebrations for Embassies Abroad

NBL contributes to Independence Celebrations for Embassies Abroad Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - on Friday, 02nd of March 2018 handed over 360 cases of its World Premium Beer, Windhoek Lager to the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation for distribution to all Namibian Embassies across the globe, in celebration of Namibia’s 28th Independence celebrations.

Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Christine //Hoëbes accepted the donation on behalf of the Minister, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah who will ensure that all Namibian Embassies abroad will have proudly Namibian beer to enjoy during their Independence celebrations. NBL Senior Brand Manager, Claudia Opperman, who did the official handover on behalf of NBL attributes the brewery’s success greatly to the business environment set by government for business to flourish in the country. Opperman: “I think I speak on behalf of the entire business fraternity when I say that we appreciate a government that is committed to creating an environment for businesses to flourish. Without government’s support, NBL would certainly not be where it is today and would not be able to pursue its purpose of ‘Creating a Future, enhancing life’ for all Namibians. As a proudly Namibian establishment we are aware of the importance of celebrating our freedom, peace, and stability every year and we value the role of our respected Ambassadors, Charge de Affairs, Consulates and their staff as critical to the image of the country as they play a very important part in uplifting and keeping up the name of Namibia.”

//Hoëbes in her statement acknowledged NBL as a Namibian entity that effectively implemented strategies that complement government’s efforts in building a sustainable economy. //Hoëbes: “One such illustration to that end, is the Barley Project with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry (MWAF) and government’s AgriBusDev that embodies a national vision with emphasis on value addition and employment creation, through the production of our raw materials, and ultimately growing industries locally towards becoming self-sustainable. As a renowned brand, NBL has continuously maintained a superior quality brand of products that have garnered international reputation and demand at our trade and investment promotion platforms that are hosted by the Namibian Missions abroad. As a ministry, and indeed the key link between Namibia and the outside world, we remain committed to the cause in ensuring that the goods reach a wider international audience, and garner a niche on the global stage. I would like to reiterate and commend NBL’s commitment towards Corporate Social responsibility (CSI), and the promotion of responsible behavior in our communities.”

This donation is an annual gesture by NBL for the past 28 years.