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Published: 18 January 2018

Midgard country estate goes green

Midgard country estate goes green A newly constructed Solar Power Plant at Midgard Country Estate will save the establishment more than N$17 million in electricity cost and thousands of tons of CO² over the next 25 years. On Thursday, 21 December 2017, the plant constructed by the strategic partner of O&L Energy, Cronimet Mining Power Solutions, was officially handed over to O&L Energy (owner and financier of the project) – a subsidiary of the O&L Group.

Terence Makari, Managing Director of O&L Leisure (custodian of Midgard Country Estate), and a subsidiary of the O&L Group says the 128 kilowatt at peak (kWp) power plant is part of the company’s journey towards going green. Makari: “We are passionately committed to the O&L Group Vision Metric of reducing our carbon footprint by 20% by 2019. The solar power plant at Midgard which has been in operation since 21 December 2017 is only the beginning of our journey towards adjusting our electricity usage to a more environmental friendly system across the O&L Leisure portfolio.”
According to O&L Energy CEO, Bernd Walbaum, the N$4 million Solar Power Plant at Midgard is partly subsidized by CRONIMET Mining Power Solutions’ development program together with the German Investment & Development Organization (Deutsche Entwicklungs- und Investitionsgesellschaft “DEG”), on condition that the plant be used as a demonstration for training purposes to universities, programs and individuals as may be determined by the DEG. Walbaum adds that its strategic partner Cronimet Mining Power Solutions is currently constructing another larger solar power plant at the Etosha Mokuti Lodge – a member of the O&L Leisure portfolio – expected to be operational later this month. Walbaum: ”We also agreed with O&L Leisure to build, own and operate a new hybrid solar power plant with battery storage and diesel generators at its Chobe Water Villas.”

Walbaum says that a significant aspect of the power plant at Midgard is the speciality service which includes a Monitoring and Energy Management System designed to optimally manage power consumption of the lodge. Walbaum: “The production of electricity at Midgard will thus be optimized by the system to suit the demand. The system can also manage energy consumption, thus contributing significantly, and even further to cost-saving on electricity usage.

Due to the weather conditions at the coast, the construction of a solar power plant for the Strand Hotel Swakopmund is not an option at this stage. Makari: “However, we do host other sustainable systems at the Strand Hotel Swakopmund, in support of our contribution to controlling the energy usage at the facility. Some of these include the automatic switching off of lights when residents remove their access cards from the card holder and exit the rooms. We are also reviewing a carbon neutrality strategy that will enable the O&L Group companies to acquire PV electricity through future wheeling agreements and through inhouse carbon offset credits that allow grid-connected operations like the Strand Hotel to sponsor carbon offset certificates provided by OLC Solar Energy, O&L Group’s renewable energy IPP subsidiary, for the renewable energy it generates and sells to Namibia’s national and regional distributors. “

The Solar Power Plant at Midgard Country Estate intertwines with the current renovations process currently underway at the establishment. The first phase of the renovations master plan for Midgard, which kicked off earlier this year entailed minor renovations to existing structures and the removal of certain absolute structures. Makari: “The renovations are being done to revitalize, upgrade and enhance our guests’ experience, and to return Midgard to its former glory where memories have been created amongst friends and family, and to bring the property on par with the others within the O&L Leisure portfolio.”

O&L Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme says this partnership between O&L Leisure and O&L Energy/Cronimet Mining Power Solutions contributes significantly to the O&L Vision Metric of reducing its carbon footprint with 20% by 2019. Thieme: “It makes me very proud to be a part of such a dynamic and passionate team of breakthrough thinkers and leaders, in contribution to our purpose of ‘creating a future, enhancing life’ – which is exactly what they are doing through these initiatives which will contribute significantly to environmental sustainability, thus add value to the future of this nation.”
Published: 17 January 2018

2018 DTS Volleyball for all in full swing

2018 DTS Volleyball for all in full swing

From only 240 spaces available for participating teams, 109 have already been booked by Wednesday, 17 January for the annual “Volleyball for All” hosted by the DTS Sports Club in Windhoek, and proudly sponsored by Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – through its premium beer brand Windhoek Draught.

According to James Verrinder – Chairperson of the Namibia Beach Volleyball Academy, and Tournament Director of the “Volleyball for All”, the 35th commemoration of this much anticipated annual event on the local sports and entertainment calendar started its journey in 1984 with only 34 participating teams. Verrinder: “The event grew to 90 teams in 1987, and boasts with 240 teams over the past five years. Unfortunately due to resources we are unable to exceed the 240 mark at this stage. Entries are coming in at a very fast pace, and we expect all 240 spots to be filled by this time next week.”

This year the Windhoek Draught DTS Volleyball For All will take place on Saturday, 03 February 2018 at the DTS club premises in Sean McBride Street, Olympia. Windhoek Draught Brand Manager, Tasneem Klazen says NBL, under various brands has been supporting the event since 2001, with its premium brand, Windhoek Draught taking over as main sponsor nine years ago. Klazen: “This event is perfectly aligned with what Windhoek Draught stands for. Our brand is all about creating memorable outdoor experiences where real friends can enjoy real beer. This event is an opportunity for corporates to kick off 2018 with a bang or for individual entrants to simply break away from work-loaded mind-sets and have fun. This year’s tournament promises nail-biting volleyball matches, a variety of tasty snack stalls and loads of prizes up for grabs. Windhoek Draught will have competitions throughout the day, so be sure not to miss it. Numerous companies make use of this event for team building and social purposes – a truth we are also very proud of.” Klazen added that Windhoek Draught Ambassador, Gazza will entertain the audience at the prize-giving ceremony later in the day.

The DTS Chairperson, Axel Dainat placed emphasis on how this annual event would not exist without the sponsorship that keeps it alive. Other sponsors include Namibia Health Plan (NHP) who came on board this year, and Radiowave as Media Partner for the event. Dainat: “The relationship with our sponsors does not end once their sponsorship have been signed off, but this is an ongoing relationship even after, and between the events every year. These are relationships we foster and cherish, and truly appreciate, because without them, no success can be achieved. We are truly and deeply appreciative and thankful.”

Technical Director of the Namibian Volleyball Federation, Christian Scholze also expressed gratitude to the sponsors, and excitement at how volleyball is kept alive in the country regardless of the challenges faced.

Entries close on Thursday, 25 January 2018. However, if the maximum total of 240 teams are reached before then, submission for entries automatically closes. Apart from medals, exciting additional prizes can be won for best dressed, sportiest, and best organized team among others. Food stalls will also be present at the event throughout the day, and right after the prize-giving ceremony which follows shortly after the final game of the day while DJ Coco will entertain the crowd in the beer tent until late at night.

Online registration forms and all relevant information can be obtained from the website:

For more information regarding team entries, James Verrinder can be contacted at or 0814554571.