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Published: 19 October 2017

Fish River Canyon clean-up grows from strength to strength!

Fish River Canyon clean-up grows from strength to strength! Another successful Fish River Canyon clean-up campaign was recorded, following the 2017 operation which took place from 26 to 30 September. Established in 2014, this annual waste collection campaign was initiated and organized by the Ministry of Environment & Tourism (MET) and supported by the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF).

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group & NamParks IV were the main sponsors of the event who sponsored first aid kits, meat, assorted drinks, T-shirts, hats & water bottles. Cable ties, duct tape, heavy duty refuse bags and gloves were sponsored by the RNF & Gondwana respectively while Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) sponsored accommodation facilities. According to MET representative and warden of the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park (ARTP), Boly Shetukana, the 37 volunteers who entered the canyon at different days were divided into ‘10km, 20km and 60km’ groups, and were scheduled to return to the start point on the 30th of September 2017. Shetukana: “This allowed us to have more time to clean thoroughly, covering inaccessible areas in the Canyon while at the same time enjoying the hike and scenery of the canyon. The total amount of waste collected was approximately 82.5 kg and consisted of bottles, tins, plastic, shoes, clothes and toilet paper. The load of waste was carried out by hands until the exit point at Ai-Ais where everything was weighed, separated and taken to the recycle plant. This exercise does not only add value to the Fish River Canyon hiking trail but also creates ownership and a sense of responsibility to the hikers and surrounding communities alike.”

According to Shetukana, the Fish River hiking season starts the first day of May and ends the last day of September each year. This activity is very popular and therefore it attracts many people from different parts of the world and at the same time it promotes tourism and adds marketing value to the Fish River Canyon. At the end of the hiking season the canyon is littered with rubbish left behind by the hikers which ultimately led to the birth of the annual Fish River Canyon Clean-up Campaign.

RNF Coordinator, Anita Witt: “Namibia’s unique landscape, beautiful and priceless natural resources are part of our country’s treasure. RNF is very passionate about the Namibian heritage that has proven to be a strong attractor of tourists to the country. If we don’t take care of it, who will? Thus we are committed to continuously support, and drive such initiatives with passion, to ensure that future generations also get to appreciate and enjoy our beautiful country in all its glory.”

The support towards the Fish Rive Canyon Clean-up Campaign, according to MET’s Deputy Director: Southern Regions, Harry Tjihukununa has been growing from strength to strength. Tjihukununa: “Both the public and business sector have shown great interest and always willing to be a part of this great event. Our aim is to clean and restore the Fish River Canyon to its natural splendor, thus most of the necessary items needed to achieve this task are sponsored. We are confident that the relationship we share with our valued sponsors and stakeholders will grow from strength to strength, and we invite the rest of corporate Namibia to come on board in order to ensure and secure the future sustainability of Namibia and her natural heritage.”
Download PDF Document: Fish River Canyon Clean-up 2017
Published: 18 October 2017

Cape Town enjoys an additional day of Windhoek Oktoberfest!

Cape Town enjoys an additional day of Windhoek Oktoberfest! Following a successful and well-supported past two years, an additional day has been added to the annual Windhoek Oktoberfest in Cape Town, taking place this coming weekend. The annual Windhoek Oktoberfest will thus, for the third consecutive year be hosted in Cape Town, at the Hillcrest Quarry on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of October 2017. Chairperson of the Oktoberfest Organizing Committee, Norbert Wurm: “The Windhoek Oktoberfest in Cape Town has grown so popular since its inception in 2015 that we added a third day to the event – a request from Cape Town supporters. We are excited to expand this experience for our guests and as every year, we will enhance the event and build on past learnings by adding a few small touches to the entertainment and to the overall experience. As always we aim to offer an authentic Oktoberfest experience.”

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - initially embarked on this journey to bring the purity, premium experience to its customers in South Africa, to include its SA clientele in the annual Oktoberfest celebrations. Regarded as one of the largest family cultural festivals, which always caters for great fun for the entire family, the Cape Town event, according to NBL Head Brewer, and member of the Windhoek Oktoberfest organizing committee, Christian Müller does not only provide for greater exposure to proudly Namibian beer brewed according to the German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot of 1516, to South Africans and other visitors, but visitors can also expect an authentic ‘Festbier’ brewed according to Munich Oktoberfestbier standards specially brewed for the event. Müller: “In addition, great German food, traditional games & activities, as well as world-class entertainment, inclusive of the popular world-class Oktoberfest band – the Kirchdorfer – straight from the original Oktoberfest in Munich will also form part of the program for the Cape Town event.”

Wurm: “We are ready to host Cape Town in true Namibian hospitality and we are excited to create an atmosphere that will provide for an unforgettable experience at this year’s Cape Town event. South Africans can certainly look forward to celebrating authentic German traditions fueled by Namibian passion and quality local beers.”

Stand a chance to win a return flight ticket for two people from Windhoek to Munich, Germany courtesy of Eurowings on their 1st inaugural flight on the 8th of May 2018. To enter, buy your Windhoek Oktoberfest ticket for the Windhoek event before the 27th of October 2017. The Windhoek event takes place on the 27th and 28th of October, and tickets can be purchased online at or at any Pick n Pay (PnP) store. This will see for an automatic entry into the draw. Only pre-sold tickets are valid entries. Tickets bought at the gate at the event do not qualify. For more information, visit 
Published: 11 October 2017

NBL brings ‘STRONGBOW’ to Namibia

NBL brings ‘STRONGBOW’ to Namibia Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – has once again proven its commitment to its vision of being the most progressive and inspiring company by bringing the world’s favorite apple cider ‘STRONGBOW’ to Namibia.

NBL Marketing Manager, Rene Duffy: “This initiative to bring Strongbow to Namibia is testimony to NBL’s dedication to creating amazing experiences for our consumers through our brands – something NBL is very passionate about.” Duffy adds that Strongbow is available on shelf in Namibia from Monday, 09 October 2017 in two flavors.

The taste of Gold Apple is sweet and crisp, with pleasant notes of green and red apples. Red Berries is a full-flavored apple cider that strikes a perfect balance between crisp apples and juicy red berries. Duffy: “Our apple varieties are blended with a high level of care, expertise and attention in order to achieve the taste Strongbow lovers have become accustomed to. With more variety and choice for the Namibian consumer, Strongbow Apple Ciders are set to lift the existing category. With more than 125 years of apple harvesting, pressing and cider-making experience, each sip of Strongbow cider is uniquely crisp and refreshing.”

According to NBL Manager: Marketing Innovations, Tracey Kirsten, NBL has for some time offered Strongbow Ciders at NBL events, which has been exceptionally well received by the local target audience. Kirsten: “The cider market in Namibia is substantial and there is a growing demand for choice and access to global brands by our consumers. It is because of its proven track record around the world that it makes the perfect addition to our portfolio.”

NBL Managing Director, Wessie van der Westhuizen: “I am proud of this new addition to our portfolio as it is evident of NBL’s commitment to meeting the needs and wants of our consumers, customers and to stimulate overall business performance and growth.”

For more information on Strongbow’s range of real orchard apple ciders please go to and on Instagram @strongbow. To join the conversation about Strongbow, simply search for the hashtag #NatureRemix.
Published: 09 October 2017

Debut 2017 Hangana Hake Run & Ride receives high praises

Debut 2017 Hangana Hake Run & Ride receives high praises The debut 2017 Hangana Hake Run & Ride that took place over the past weekend at the coast between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay was a huge success as spelled out by participants and stakeholders. Owned by Hangana Seafood - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – this event has drawn approximately 800 participants from both locally and internationally.

While fun was the reason for many participants, others were on a mission to improve on their running/cycling times and to compete for a chance to qualify for the annual Two Oceans and Comrades Marathons. Hangana Seafood Managing Director, Herman Theron says the event’s success has surpassed his expectations. Theron: “First of all, approximately 800 participants was definitely not what I expected. This event was huge, and I am very pleased at the success and how smooth everything went. Of course great thanks goes out to the event’s organizer, Francois van der Merwe from TwentyEleven Communications whose dedication to the success of this event speaks for itself. He is absolutely fantastic! Then of course my team at Hangana Seafood that has shown passion towards this event since day one, and contributed immensely to making it a success. A special thanks to my Personal Assistant (PA), Tanja Payne for her dedicated role in supporting the organizer, and making sure the organizing of the 2017 Hangana Hake Run & Ride is as successful as it has been. And of course, this event would not have been possible without the participants. My greatest thanks goes out to all my fellow Namibians who showed support in participating and making this happen. Also a special thanks to all the international participants from amongst others the U.S.A, Australia, Canada and South Africa.”

Nedbank Namibia’s Head of Marketing & Communications, Gernot de Klerk, at the prize-giving ceremony on Saturday afternoon stressed Nedbank’s desire to continue in sponsorship, and pledged to get involved even stronger going forward. De Klerk: “Speaking from past experience, specifically referring to the Nedbank Cycle Challenge, I am aware of what it takes to organize an event of such magnitude, and of this nature. We came, we saw, we conquered. I am very impressed at the success of this event, and Nedbank will definitely be back on board for next year’s event, if Hangana Seafood will have us.”

The Hangana Hake Run & Ride features a marathon, half marathon, 10km fun run as well as a 105km road cycling, 21km mountain bike, 21km fat bike and 5km kiddies race. The 105km road cycling race is a Namibian Cycling Federation sanctioned event and the marathon is a qualifier for the Two Oceans and Comrades marathons. The Hangana Hake Run & Ride also forms part of the annual ‘Walvisfees’, a community event organized by the Dutch Reformed Church hosted on the same weekend in Walvis Bay, to ensure a fun filled race day for the entire family.

“In line with the O&L Group purpose ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’, we are truly excited to add this event that encourages a healthy, balanced lifestyle, to our Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio, as we are confident it will make a positive impact on and enhance the lives of the community within which we operate,” Theron noted. He also highlighted the importance of the Hangana Hake Run & Ride as an economic booster for the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay within the ambit of sports tourism.

Francois van der Merwe: “I cannot be proud enough of the success of the 2017 Hangana Hake Run & Ride. And I must say that the number of entries and participants surpassed all my expectations. Yes, it wasn’t always easy, and we had our challenges, but at the end of the day, we manage to overcome them all and brought to Namibia an event that can only grow even stronger going forward. I would not have been able to do it without the support of the Hangana Seafood team leaders and volunteers.”
Published: 05 October 2017

PnP & Webtickets celebrate first anniversary

PnP & Webtickets celebrate first anniversary Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group is proud to celebrate the first anniversary of its partnership with Webtickets Namibia. Officially brought to life on 7 September 2016, Webtickets Namibia is one of the few organizations in Namibia that offers full ticket and event registration services. PnP also congratulates Webtickets Namibia on jumping the first hurdle to success.

Delia Magg-Thesenvitz, a manager at Webtickets says the journey has thus far been an exciting rollercoaster with every event being different. Magg-Thesenvitz: “Webtickets is fit for any occasion, from big to small events, music to sport, workshops to conferences, and the list goes on. With a flexible and cost-effective ticketing and event registration solution that includes a bargain of full online distribution, advertising through their marketing partner WhatsOn Namibia, as well as physical outlets, and onsite services, Webtickets can enrich any event, and cater for specific needs of our clients.”

Webtickets Namibia manager, Drienie Ellis added that the part clients find most attractive is the live tracking of sales, attendance reports and SMS tickets, because it enables ongoing evaluation of the event sales that indicates improvement areas and solutions prior to the big day. Ellis: “Throughout the year there has been many highlights. What pleases us most is to see the consistent drive that Pick n Pay shows in supporting local businesses. This gives us self-belief that with great team work, we can achieve great successes in more years to come. When looking at the entertainment environment within Namibia, there is countless growth potential. Webtickets in partnership with PnP has sold almost 63,000 tickets to date.”

PnP Brand Manager, Dandago Uiras: “PnP greatly benefits from the partnership with Webtickets – a platform that offers customers added value at their convenience. We are very happy with, and excited about this partnership and look forward to many more exciting and growing years together.”

In conclusion, Uiras congratulated Webtickets on its first year of success. She re-affirmed PnP’s commitment to assist the Webtickets team on their journey to creating their ideal future. Uiras: “In supporting local, PnP passionately contributes to the O&L purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life.’

Visit the Webtickets Namibia website at or call the Customer care line 0811 272725. The passionate team is ready to bring your event to life.
Published: 03 October 2017

441 Learners from tents to classrooms

441 Learners from tents to classrooms “The mobile containerized classrooms donated by the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group to the Monte Christo Primary Project School over the past two years have made a significant difference in the lives of both the learners and teachers”, says the school principal, Elizabeth Murangi. “We can’t even see or experience the difference between the containerized classrooms and a fixed brick structure. It is as good as a brick setting, with a significantly positive impact, not only in the learning environment for both the learners and the teachers, but also in the performance of the learners in general. These classrooms simply have a great impact on the entire school’s attitude. The classrooms have all the necessities for a proper learning environment. They even have air-conditioners. It is so awesome.”

According to the Khomas Director of Education, Arts & Culture, Gerard Vries, the containerized classrooms have the advantage of being prepared for occupation in a shorter time period than fixed brick and mortar facilities to transition learners from the tents to classrooms that are similar in look, feel and aesthetics. The dimensions of the containerized classrooms have been based on the standard architectural drawings of the Ministry of Works and Transport. Vries: “Specifically at Monte Christo Primary Project School, the land where the school is situated still belongs to the City of Windhoek and the containerized classrooms affords the option of being relocatable if such a need arises. These classrooms are fitted with air-conditioners and affords a well-ventilated teaching and learning environment.”

According to Murangi, currently 441 learners are accommodated in the mobile classrooms (230 in the morning and 211 in the afternoon classes). Six Grade 1 class groups attend the morning sessions, and six class groups of Grade 2, the afternoon sessions. There are still two tents being occupied by 80 learners.

Vries says funding proposals have been submitted to various stakeholders and sponsors for developing additional containerized classrooms to be situated at the school. It is envisaged that future containerized classrooms will be erected on top of the existing classrooms due to the space limitations of the plot. Vries: “The most immediate difference that was brought about the O&L Group’s commitment to this project, is the fact that some learners are now attending school in a more conducive teaching and learning environment and not in tents that are prone to fluctuations in wind, sunshine, rain, heat and cold conditions. The O&L Group is a valued partner of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture; Khomas Regional Council, and the Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture. The assistance to the Monte Christo Project Primary School is adding value to the human capital of Namibia and elevates the prospects for success of the learners that can learn and be taught in better facilities. There is still room for well-intentioned sponsors and companies to join in efforts to elevate all learners of the school out of the tents to reset their prospects for success.”

The O&L Group Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme emphasized on the importance to stay committed, and for the nation to stand together in supporting the country’s education sector. Thieme: “While we are on this journey of building and sustaining our nation, we have to be cognizant of the reality that education plays a significant role on this journey of growth and development. The success of our education system, as well as the development of the nation is a collective responsibility. We are proud to be associated to the development of the Monte Christo Primary Project School, as well as all other entities we support in the education sector. Education is a key pillar of the O&L Corporate Social Investment (CSI) agenda, and is aligned to our value “We Grow People”. It is imperative that we all take hands to ensure we maximize our investment into education as we truly believe that an investment in education and skills development is an investment into our future, and this is something we are passionate about.”