Purpose, Values & Vision 2019

Our Purpose

Creating a future, enhancing Life

Vision 2019: 100 Years

To be the most progressive and inspiring company

  • We bring life and wellbeing to people everywhere
  • We improve socio-economic quality of life everywhere
  • We create conditions for people to succeed everywhere
  • We continually innovate and operate at breakthrough levels
  • We build innovative and sustainable businesses
  • We generate long-term profitability


Our Vision Metrics:

  • 20% reduction in Carbon Footprint
  • Create 4 000 Additional Employment Opportunities
  • 2 Billion EBIT achieved
  • Employer of Choice

O&L Values:

Let's Talk

Let's Talk Open, honest, down to earth, from the heart communication
I talk about my expectations, know my business and share its success stories with others
I create an environment of openness and transparency where everybody is free to talk
I have discussions with my employees, their expectations, and provide regular feedback
I am open to contributions and listen in a manner that promote long term relationships and connection

Let's do it

Let's do it Deliver on tasks with speed and quality
I act decisively
I create an environment where others can provide input and action
I own, support and drive the strategy of the Company
I create a high level of connection and affinity to deliver

Hooked on results

Hooked on results Committed to delivering breakthrough outcomes
I deliver on my promises
I constantly seek to provide new ideas and more innovative ways of achieving success
I am inspired and motivated to deliver beyond expectations
I am responsible for the success of my company

We Grow People

We Grow People Taking responsibility and providing opportunities for growth
I am responsible for my growth, development and success
I empower everyone around me to grow, develop and succeed
I celebrate the successes of myself, my colleagues and my company
I own the company's performance management and succession strategies

We all serve

We all serve Serving the purpose, owning the whole, everyone matters
I create excellent customer experiences and always go the extra mile
I create conditions for people to succeed everywhere
I am connected to and in service of the purpose of the company
I serve my Company, Community and Country

Naturally today for tomorrow

Naturally today for tomorrow Caring about the future, caring about everyone
I respect the culture, beliefs and views of all people and do not discriminate on religion, race, gender or sexual orientation
I care about my and everyone's health
I care about the environment and ensure future sustainability of natural resources
I am an ambassador of my company's products & services

We do the right things right

We do the right things right Bringing thinking to everything
I strive for excellence in whatever I do
I display honesty and integrity in all my actions
I take accountability for my actions
I am guided by what is best for the company and its people